CASC is a strength & conditioning gym and a martial art facility specializing in small group and personal training, located inside the Church & State economic incubator.

We cater to beginners. We cater to athletes. We cater to anyone willing to work HARD.

The expectation is to change both physically and mentally. Our program mirrors the Gym Jones philosophy that the "mind is primary". Our head instructor brings 10 years of experience from suffering and learning in the original Gym Jones gym, along with the wisdom that can only come from time spent.

Our training can include martial arts. CASC is unique. Brazilian jiu jitsu, boxing , kickboxing and self-defense can be in the mix. This gives the benefit of learning a martial art while getting in a solid training session. Martial arts -- strength and conditioning -- one or both -- all within an hour.



TRUST - Trust the process. Trust the knowledge.

The most important part of your fitness and martial arts journey is finding a place and system you trust. It's the backbone of every successful relationship.

INTENSITY - Make every rep count.  Perfect form is our goal.

Everything you do should have meaning and purpose. No going through the motions. Life is too short for short cuts. Enjoy the process.

DEDICATION - Throw yourself in. Defend it.

Hate it or love it, but think about it all day and dream about it all night. If you want to get better at something -- every minute and every second holds a chance to improve.

UN-ANCHOR - Discomfort equals growth in the training room.

Fight or flight has us programmed to seek comfort. Un-anchor this primal instinct. Seek discomfort. Grow.


Combat Arts Strength & Conditioning is located in the basementof Church & State, a non-profit community-managed entrepreneur center.

Church & State Economic Evangelists

(801) 428-7612